For almost two decade, we’ve helped brokers and agents rethink and re-engineer their business. We defined effective and comprehensive systems to maintain listings and manage closings and we developed the first software program - realcontrol - to support these systems. We pride ourselves in recognizing our clients’ requirements – not just what we think they want – and developing our products with that in mind. We understand your transactional needs and we fully expect to exceed your expectations.

When transaction management was just a murmur in 1987, we were already there, ahead of the curve, defining and understanding the task. Over the years, we’ve built a close and trusting relationship with our users across the United States. We know the challenges realtors face. We’ve weathered the Internet explosion and watched other companies (and consulted for some) build applications that have fallen short of the industry’s expectations and clients’ individual requirements. The dot.coms are, for the most part, gone now. We’re still here and we continue to innovate.